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What's your theme word for this week?

What's your theme word for this week?

Are you thinking about the week ahead?

What do you need to wrap up in September - so you’re ready for a creative and productive October?

I know it may feel like 2020 is a bust and all over because we are swiftly moving towards December.

But remember this - we still have time.

We have time to
• take care of ourselves
• make choices that move us closer to our goals
• uplift our communities
• plan vacations
• figure out safe ways to be with loved ones
• invest in ourselves

Having a theme word is a great way to help us focus on what really matters.

It helps us subtract things that may be distracting us.

Which one of these words is the best one for you this week?


This week, allow yourself to overindulge in taking care of yourself. Take time to focus on your inner and outer wellness. Make your personal boundaries firmer so you can take care of the business of bold living – without feeling bewildered, overwhelmed, or tired. Remind yourself that indulging in your pleasure will give you the proper boost to live mindfully.


This week, exercise your power and ask for help. Powerful people know and understand that assembling a bold entourage to help them manage big and small things is a great way to keep your energy tank on full. Make a (realistic) list of everything you want to accomplish this week and then list people, tools, and services that will help you make it all happen.


This week, comfort yourself by taking a break from over-analyzing things. Allow yourself to breathe deeper by using your journal. Write down anything that is worrying you in your journal – and leave the worries in that space. Giving yourself this mental break will allow you to focus on pleasurable activities that will support you in vulnerable moments.


This week, make choices that help you feel bold, powerful, and influential. Say yes to people and opportunities that will elevate your mindset. Make the choice to let go of things and situations that are underserving you.

Which word did you select? 

Learn more about "theme words" here.

Kanesha Baynard

Kanesha is the founder of the Bold Living Today community focused on helping members disrupt unfulfilling patterns through creativity and navigate transition with confidence and boldness.