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Monitoring Your Self-Esteem

Monitoring Your Self-Esteem

What is the status of your self-esteem, this week?
(a) intact
(b) flailing
(c) phoning it in
(d) completely defeated

For many of us as adults, we don’t often think about our self-esteem concretely.

We feel we are too busy, too mature, or too above it all to do a self-esteem check in – or to pause and make sure we are OK.

If this is the case…what messaging do our teens receive when the adults around them may not model how important it is to do a self-esteem check in?

If your self-esteem could use a pep talk or a makeover, start by:

Investing in ways to upgrade your daily wellness practices

Writing down your accomplishments for each day, each week, or each month

Stop saying mean things to yourself – about yourself

Shifting the company you keep – and find a group or space that will give your self-esteem a boost

Engage in a creative activity (e.g. journaling, writing, dancing, painting/drawing, collaging, etc.)

How often do you check-in with yourself to gauge the status of your self-esteem?

How do you help teens (re)build their self-esteem?

What would you tell your younger self (5-to-10 years ago) about your self-esteem?


Check out this resource to support you!

Kanesha Baynard

Kanesha is the founder of the Bold Living Today community focused on helping members disrupt unfulfilling patterns through creativity and navigate transition with confidence and boldness.