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Being more unapologetic | Wednesday C.L.U.B. [e10]

Wednesday C.L.U.B. is an interactive and fun space to support your: C: Creativity, L: Learning from and successfully navigating life transitions, U: Untangling from things and thoughts that keep us small, and B: Building and amplifying our boldness.

Wonders of the season

What do you enjoy about this time of year? What do you want to amplify? What do you want to stop doing?

True Decisions vs. Best Decisions

True decision making (vs best decision making) allows you to use your vulnerability, moments of shame, and curiosity as guides that are honest and protective.True decision making allows you to be freer, breathe deeper, and become bolder – even while you are struggling and figuring things out.

Let November be about healing + upgrading your productivity

Even with this being the 11th month of the year, I feel November is the time to let go of anything that’s stressing you out, spend more time refueling through solitude, and nourishing yourself to keep your inner peace vibrant.

3 types of journal styles to try

Hygge Creativity Journal: Allow this type of journal to be a playful and peaceful place where you focus the coziness of the season. Fill it with lists, drawings, poems, recipes - and anything that helps you enjoy your time in your home.

F.O.C.U.S. Protocol: Preparing for a new month

Happy Halloween, Bold-Thinkers! Stay safe. Try not to have a sugar hangover. Celebrate your October accomplishments. Get excited about a fresh start in November!