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Bold Living Today

Stop Playing It Safe

As you go through today - and make plans for the rest of your week, think about ways you can benefit from transition season.

Make a note of the messages fear is teaching you - and how to turn that information into strategic actions.

5 ways to unburden yourself

Unapologetic means living your life and conducting yourself in a way that fits your desires and needs. It means stepping out of the status quo and allowing yourself to drop facades.

4 tips to help you "stand tall"

What does it mean for you to “stand tall”?

It’s difficult to stand tall if you’re still feeling wounded from a hurdle that banged you up a little more than expected. 

What to focus on during the last part of the year | Wednesday C.L.U.B. [e8]

Wednesday C.L.U.B. is an interactive and fun space to support your: C: Creativity, L: Learning from and successfully navigating life transitions, U: Untangling from things and thoughts that keep us small, and B: Building and amplifying our boldness.

Managing your Monday rut

Most people struggle with having a structured mental road map because they feel like Monday is the gatekeeper to productivity.

Protect your time and sanity

Stick to one method of communication. People are often confused and disorganized if you mix-mash modes of communication.