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International Peace Day + Youth Leadership

Today the Bold Living Today community is highlighting the work and contributions of a young leader. I had the pleasure of discussing Painting Peace with its founder, Courtney Murphy.

Parenting Tools: Affirmations

This is why I find daily love notes (affirmations) to be so powerful, nurturing, and reassuring. All of us can benefit from a healthy dose of self-love every day. And for our teens, it might be even more beneficial.

Wellness Rituals for Early Autumn

I treat my home as a sanctuary and a retreat so I can feel happy, whole, and bold. This week I have focused on enhancing my inner wellness by using scents to boost my mood and energy.

Stay Woke - but don't risk your well-being

When I hear my peers and clients (and myself ) feeling overwhelmed and moving towards burnout - the best thing to do is take a break - and amplify your self care.

3 key ways to prepare for the week ahead

When you start to mentally drown or blank out when you look over your hefty list, take a moment and pause.

6 productivity steps for the New Year

Do not add more than six items onto your list. Stay focused on each item until you’ve completed them.