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3 tips to maximize your productivity

Engaging: This is where the bold work takes place.

Are the traditions worth it?

We’re often tied to traditions because it’s the way we’ve done things year after year. If you think about traditions that are laborious instead of being affirming – get rid of the former.

Weekly Shine

For a lot of us, we get busy doing things and trying to manage a whole lot.And because of so many distractions, stressors, and things vying for our attention, self-love habits tend to get neglected and fall off our radar.

Holiday Burnout 101

Are you experiencing holiday burnout? Not sure? Which one of these options best describes you?

Bold Mindset Reminders

The comparison trap shows up. Nothing is making sense. So, what do you do?

Unrush yourself

What triggers the urgency, rushed thoughts, nervous energy, and massive mental push to do more?