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Power + Pleasure to kick-off this week!

This week I will surround myself with people, support tools, and messages that positively impact and influence my self-worth.

Journaling: Make it Habit Forming

Journaling help us organize our thoughts and gives us a mental break. It’s a mindful activity that helps us to focus on what really matters.

3 tips to help avoid creating productivity obstacles

Procrastination usually shows up when we feel nervous or uncertain about a task we need to complete.

Happy American Business Women's Day!

The simple act of disrupting self-doubt or fear allowed me to engage my higher order thinking skills. And when I was in this headspace, more options for profitable business ideas and operations were revealed to me.

Making time for goal-mapping

How do you fit goal mapping and other self-development activities into your schedule when you are already so busy?

Making time to use a paper planner

Do I have time to use a paper planner? If you already feel so busy - how will you be able to incorporate a paper planner into what you already have going on?