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WEDNESDAY C.LU.B. | New Book, Women in Business, and Rolling Blackouts [E6]

Wednesday C.L.U.B. is an interactive and fun space to support your: C: Creativity, L: Learning from and successfully navigating life transitions, U: Untangling from things and thoughts that keep us small, and B: Building and amplifying our boldness.

Profitable and Lasting Client Connection

We are better when we learn from each other.

JOURNALING: 31 prompts for autumn abundance

Create mini-vision boards on the pages of your journal.

Wednesday C.LU.B. | Do you know your productivity profile? [e4]

Today in Wednesday C.LU.B, we are discussing focus, productivity, and your productivity profile.

Multitasking Part 1

I am guilty of multitasking - and I have some specific structures I have in place to slow me down. Why would I want to slow myself down? I want to focus on high quality work - and not just doing things to get them done.

Decision making fatigue + Self rejection | Wednesday C.L.U.B. (e2)

Wednesday C.L.U.B. - episode 2 Topics:

  • Decision making fatigue
  • Self rejection
  • Boosting your energy