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Happy American Business Women's Day!

The simple act of disrupting self-doubt or fear allowed me to engage my higher order thinking skills. And when I was in this headspace, more options for profitable business ideas and operations were revealed to me.

International Peace Day + Youth Leadership

Today the Bold Living Today community is highlighting the work and contributions of a young leader. I had the pleasure of discussing Painting Peace with its founder, Courtney Murphy.

Making time to use a paper planner

Do I have time to use a paper planner? If you already feel so busy - how will you be able to incorporate a paper planner into what you already have going on?

Eisenhower Matrix Check-in

How is your “back-to-school” time going? What is causing stress or strain?

Filling your surroundings with calm

Anytime I’m feeling stuck, off kilter, or disappointed – I turn to my journal and my creativity. I also assess my surroundings.

Declutter so you can bloom

There is nothing more exhausting than trying to be someone you aren’t. That doesn’t make things easier for you in the long run. Why? Because you aren’t using your energy to sustain yourself.