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Asking Better Questions

How are you taking care of yourself today?

7 Wellness Activities For This Week

And when it came down to it, we talked about the exhaustion. That bone deep exhaustion that makes you weary, has you questioning everything, and wears down your mental resolve.

Monitoring Your Self-Esteem

For many of us as adults, we don’t often think about our self-esteem concretely. We feel we are too busy, too mature, or too above it all to do a self-esteem check in – or to pause and make sure we are OK.

Journaling: Make it Habit Forming

Journaling help us organize our thoughts and gives us a mental break. It’s a mindful activity that helps us to focus on what really matters.

Happy American Business Women's Day!

The simple act of disrupting self-doubt or fear allowed me to engage my higher order thinking skills. And when I was in this headspace, more options for profitable business ideas and operations were revealed to me.

International Peace Day + Youth Leadership

Today the Bold Living Today community is highlighting the work and contributions of a young leader. I had the pleasure of discussing Painting Peace with its founder, Courtney Murphy.