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Monday Check-in: 5 easy steps for slowing down and remaining productive

Here are 3 things to consider as you go easy on yourself - while getting a productive start to the week.

Emotional Intelligence + Bold Mindset

When your limbic system ignites your fear and clouds your decision making, grab your journal.

3 key ways to prepare for the week ahead

When you start to mentally drown or blank out when you look over your hefty list, take a moment and pause.

6 productivity steps for the New Year

Do not add more than six items onto your list. Stay focused on each item until you’ve completed them.

3 types of journal styles to try

Hygge Creativity Journal: Allow this type of journal to be a playful and peaceful place where you focus the coziness of the season. Fill it with lists, drawings, poems, recipes - and anything that helps you enjoy your time in your home.

Stop Playing It Safe

As you go through today - and make plans for the rest of your week, think about ways you can benefit from transition season.

Make a note of the messages fear is teaching you - and how to turn that information into strategic actions.