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Reducing overwhelm

The demands and caregiving needs can be non-stop. Keeping it all together can feel absolutely impossible.

International Peace Day + Youth Leadership

Today the Bold Living Today community is highlighting the work and contributions of a young leader. I had the pleasure of discussing Painting Peace with its founder, Courtney Murphy.

Burnout + S.H.I.F.T. Protocol

Expert Kanesha Baynard joins Mighty Parenting podcast host Sandy Fowler for a frank discussion about what’s really happening and what parents can do to ease the strain.

Modeling Healthy Coping Strategies

How do you take care of yourself, and the teens you support, when you are feeling uncertain about things? How do you model healthy coping strategies?

Is it time to write your boundaries statement?

How are your boundaries looking these days? Are there any tweaks or upgrades you need to make?

Do you need a pep talk?

Being able to see yourself on the other side of your goal’s finish line is a great motivator.