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B.O.L.D. Plans for 2020

Break-up with any bad habits that are keeping you stressed, unhappy, and small. Leave those bad habits in 2019. List 1-to-3 bad habits that won’t follow you into 2020.

3 ways to nurture your productivity mindest

Make a list of all the worries you are anticipating for the upcoming week. Then categorize the list by colors.

Choose your PRODUCTIVITY adventure for this week

What type of week awaits you? What thoughts are swirling as you think about the week ahead? Which of these options best describe how you will welcome and approach this week?

Being Future Ready + Calendar Audit | Wednesday C.L.U.B. [e11]

Wednesday C.L.U.B. is an interactive and fun space to support your: C: Creativity, L: Learning from and successfully navigating life transitions, U: Untangling from things and thoughts that keep us small, and B: Building and amplifying our boldness.

Unrush yourself

What triggers the urgency, rushed thoughts, nervous energy, and massive mental push to do more?

No More Homework Battles

Are you overwhelmed by your daily “to-do” list, feel stressed out about arranging your daily homework assignments, find it hard to study for exams, or feel challenged when it’s time to complete group projects?