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7 Wellness Activities For This Week

And when it came down to it, we talked about the exhaustion. That bone deep exhaustion that makes you weary, has you questioning everything, and wears down your mental resolve.

Push pause - and have a "refresh" day

It’s difficult to stay hopeful, creative, productive, and assured when you feel like you can’t catch your breath.

What's your theme word for this week?

Having a theme word is a great way to help us focus on what really matters.

Take a break from foolishness

If you feel like you’re dragging yourself across the finish line of this week - and are feeling disconnected with yourself, explore these journal prompts.

6 key things to know about anti-racism

Understand the work of anti-racism.This is a lifestyle. It is not a trend and it’s not simply a hashtag. Accelerate your anti-racism education without making any excuses.

Relaxtion Ritual for Activism Fatigue

“Activism fatigue is real. Many activists feel alone in their efforts, like if they don’t show up then the cause will suffer. But this problem isn’t solved by working yourself harder—that will only result in your passion for activism dying out.”