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Enhanced Retail Events

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Enhanced Retail Events

Kanesha Baynard

As a creativity expert and magic creator, Kanesha often partners with brick-and-mortar businesses to enhance the retail experience of customers.

With so many people relying on online shopping, it’s important to provide in person, retail experiences that are highly engaging, leave a positive impression, and are highly memorable.

It’s an event in a retail space where Kanesha creates a pop-up learning/coaching experience that is unique, carefully curated, and highly interactive.

The events create stronger customer connection while getting customers off the internet and physically into the retail space.

The enhanced retail event allows the customer to experience something affirming and supportive - in a venue where they have familiarity or that’s completely new for them.

With many retail spaces providing the same products or services - providing enhanced retail events helps businesses stand out and increases repeat customer service.

Enhanced Retail Events Provided by Kanesha

  • Creative journaling (based on a specific theme or time of year/holiday)
  • The Art of Productivity and your Planner
  • Goal Setting / Resolutions / Vision Boards
  • Burnout Detox For Mothers
  • The F.O.C.U.S. Protocol for Busy Small Business Owners
  • Relief from Back-to-School C.H.A.O.S.
  • Mindfulness Rx: Collage + Sanctuaries
  • Creativity stations (based on a specific theme or time of year/holiday)

Past Partners

  • Gitane Freedom of Style Boutique (2 locations)
  • Enchanté Boutique Hotel
  • Bliss Beauty Center
  • Kua Body
  • Jôr'Jet Boutique

Past Events

  • show all
  • Jorjet
  • Gitane
  • Enchante
  • Kua Body
Jorjet Spring Event #1
Jorjet Spring Event #1
Kanesha Speaking at Gitane event
Enchante Bold Dinner Party
Gitane Creativity Event #1
Jorjet Galentines Day #3
Gitane Mothers Day Event #1
Gitane Autumn Event #2
Enchante Bold Dinner Party #3
Jorjet Spring Event #3
Gitane Mothers Day Event #3
Gitane Mothers Day Event #2
Jorjet Galentines Day #1
Enchante Bold Dinner Party #4
Enchante Bold Dinner Party #1
Kua Body season of bold-193 #1
Jorjet Galetines Day #1
Kua Body season of bold-22
Gitane Autumn Event #1
Jorjet Galentines Day #2


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