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SXSW EDU - Mentor

SXSW EDU - Mentor

DATE: Monday, March 9, 2020  |  TIME: 8:00 AM Pacific Time

LOCATION: Austin, Texas

The mentor program at SXSW EDU facilitates purpose-driven, one-on-one connections between experienced professionals and solution-seeking attendees.

Bakersfield Women's Business Conference

Bakersfield Women's Business Conference

DATE: Thursday, April 23, 2020  |  TIME: 9:00 AM Pacific Time

LOCATION: Rabobank Theater & Marriott, Bakersfield, CA

The goals of the Bakersfield Women’s Business Conference remain the same today as when the conference began 29 years ago: to provide information, skills development , and encouragement for women at a crossroads; seeking higher education; first time employment; making a career change or looking to advance their careers. Over the years, however, the conference has evolved according to attendees’ needs.

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