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Kanesha Baynard

Are you the type of person striving to have a full, thriving, and happy life on your own terms?

You are not alone.

At one point in my life, I found myself in a top leadership position. I was well respected in my work and successful at helping people. My title was good and so was my salary.

What wasn’t good was my spirit and attitude. I felt stuck, unfulfilled, undervalued, and stagnant.

I blamed others when I found myself in this state of being – when the reality was – I was holding myself hostage.

This led me to get clear with myself – and acknowledge under-living and being overstretched was not an option for me. Looking good on paper was not enough. I desperately wanted to live the bold life that was swirling in my head. I had to recalibrate and renew my inner spark – the inner spark that guided me.

I worked with a coach, freed myself from my thought dungeon, and took a major leap.

As a personal and professional coach, I can assist you in taking your next leap!

I will guide you in:

  • dissolving limiting beliefs
  • identifying internal obstacles
  • realigning your positive energy
  • finding your right path for joy and kickass-ness!

My coaching services are designed to help you dig deep, dream big, and live boldly.

Through an inquiry-based process, I will guide you to go for your goals. I will teach you how to free yourself from self-imposed barriers. I will help you identify the steps you need to take in order to live boldly!

My coaching style is nurturing, supportive, warm, and fun.

Kanesha knows how to have courageous conversations in the spirit of helping you reach your greatest potential. She makes you believe that anything is possible, and gives great advice for how to break it down into manageable steps. I find her positive attitude to be infectious! Sue H., Professor, Colorado
Kanesha is one of the finest colleagues I ever had the pleasure of working with. She is the perfect combination of compassion and no-nonsense, get-er-done drive. I learned many of my most successful strategies from her. On top of everything else, she’s got a great sense of fun, and she knows how to balance meaningful work and a rich personal life. Megan F., Educator and Writer, Colorado
Kanesha brings a sense of humor and light-heartedness that gets people through hard conversations. Debbie H., Executive Director, Colorado

Kanesha Baynard and Martha Beck

Kanesha Baynard is a professional and personal certified life coach, educator, facilitator, blogger, and crafter. Kanesha trained directly with the masterful Martha Beck, monthly columnist for O, Oprah’s Magazine.

Kanesha was able to practice and learn coaching techniques from Dr. Beck and other master coaches.

Kanesha’s journey to becoming a professional coach started in 1994 when she became a high school teacher. She enjoyed working with young people and their families in finding the right fit for their academic, post-secondary, and personal lives.

This passion for helping people create their own magic, ignite internal passions, and move toward their dreams has extended throughout Kanesha’s career as a teacher, educational administrator, leadership facilitator, and faculty member at a large, flagship university.

Kanesha’s conscientious, decisive, and mindful leadership style allowed her to work well in various organizations and to support the many needs of people in those organizations. Kanesha is extremely organized and she enjoys helping people design effective systems that nurture their style of thinking and ways of doing things. Kanesha helps her clients focus on the present while applying relevant past experiences to breakdown real or perceived barriers.

Kanesha has been married since 1998 and has two children. Kanesha was committed to creating a thriving family lifestyle and maintaining her career. She enlisted the support of her mother-in-law and they created a multigenerational household from 2007-2013.

Kanesha coaches families, groups, and individual clients on:

  • multigenerational/in-law dynamics
  • effective self-care strategies
  • creating doable systems that work
  • working parent guilt
  • career-launching and re-launching
  • leadership development
  • and work/life balance

As a recovering overachiever, Kanesha knows and understands the internal tensions that come up when a person’s core values are not aligned with the daily life they are living.

Kanesha has applied inquiry techniques – that identify limiting beliefs – to her personal and professional life. Through this process, she has been able to create space to nurture her mind, body, spirit, and creativity to live an authentic and bold life. She shares these tools with her clients so they can free themselves from any thought dungeons.

Kanesha started blogging about her “Adventures in Multigenerational-ville” at It’s a Full Next (currently under construction). She also blogged for Working Mother Magazine. Her blogging attracted national attention and she has been a guest on WVON 1690-AM Chicago, HuffPost Live and the syndicated Mom Talk Radio with Maria Bailey.

Kanesha has been an educator since 1994. For many years, she worked as a high school Spanish and linguistically diverse teacher in a large, urban high school south of Chicago. In the same school district, she worked as the Mentor Coordinator and Assistant Staff Developer. In this capacity, she developed trainings and support programs for veteran teachers and teachers new to the district.

While in Colorado, Kanesha has worked in Boulder Valley School District (BVSD). Within BVSD’s adult education program, she taught English and GED classes for English language learners. She also conducted home visits, with participating families, to increase literacy in the homes and establish the parents as their children’s first teachers.

Kanesha spent two years at Peak to Peak K-12 Charter School, a top 100 school in the United States. She served as the assistant principal and was primarily responsible for Peak to Peak’s professional development program, the alternative teacher licensure program, formal evaluations, and curriculum planning.

While at Metropolitan State College of Denver, Kanesha was an Assistant Professor of Secondary Education and the Teacher Quality Enhancement Grant’s Field Placement Coordinator.

From 2006 – 2011, Kanesha was on faculty in the School of Education at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She served as the Director of Field Experiences, School, and University Partnerships.

Kanesha received her undergraduate degree in Spanish and Secondary Education at Cornell College (Iowa). She received a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from National Louis University (Illinois), and a Masters degree in Educational Administration from Governors State University (Illinois).

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